The creators included in the Marvel Universe panel are  Nick Spencer(“Captain America: Sam Wilson”) and Jim Zub(“Thunderbolts”) as well as Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, editors Jordan D. White, David Walker (Power and Iron Fist, Nighthawk),  Emily Shaw and Katie Kubert, and talent scout Rickey Purdin.

From Spencer “Obviously you know Steve Rogers will be back to full figure and form, and that’s a key part of this. “The band is back together again. It’s a return to classic Cap storytelling. Lot of Baron Zemo, Red Skull and HYDRA craziness.” In regards to “Astonishing Ant-Man,” which Spenser also writes “If you read the latest issue, Cassie Lang has her powers back and is now Stinger,” said Spencer. “She’s in some trouble though since she got those powers from the power broker. #7-10 is the culmination of the Power Broker story.”

Next from editor  Katie Kubert in regards to Power & Iron Fist and Knighthawk

“I’m insanely excited about this book,” “This is the Nighthawk from the ‘Supereme Power’ universe. We wanted it to be like if Batman kills. It’s intense, it’s a parental advisory rating. The story is about race relations in Chicago, so it’s a lot of what’s happening in society right now.”

“Squadron Supreme’s” next arc will start soon, with Kubert saying the arc will go into how all the members got to where they are now. “A lot of this is dealing with Doctor Spectrum, who is the only survivor of her home world; she was saved by Black Bolt but doesn’t know why. There’s a lot survivor’s guilt.”

From Jim Zub who spoke about the new “Thunderbolts” series, which will spin out of “Standoff.” The classic team is back together with Winter Soldier taking over leadership from Baron Zemo. “He has to lead this group of former, possibly current, criminals, and focus them on a new mission. Lots of banter and trouble making; they’ll be all over the place causing trouble,  “Out of ‘Standoff,’ there’s a big element that will define what this team needs to do and protect, if you will. It’s a big action, big crazy book.”


Emily Shaw spoke about “Scarlet Witch,” saying that every issue is a done-in-one written by James Robinson featuring a different artist. “We’re trying to do one-shot adventure stories of her going to different parts of the world,”

From Editor Jordan D. White

“Deadpool” #13, which will be an over-sized issue — 80 pages — that will contain four parts of one crossover event in one issue. The other issues inside the issue will be from “Daredevil” and “Power Man & Iron Fist.” “We decided why not do a crossover in one issue?” said White. “We brought in the writers, Charles Soule and David Walker, and the first chapter is Gerry Duggan writing Deadpool, then Soule and Walker, then Duggan.” The story line follows Deadpool as he is hired to protect a money launderer. “All three of the writers are having a blast writing it,” said White. “It’s a big crossover in one issue.”

White’s also excited about “Gwenpool,” a new comic starting in April. “Gwenpool is a person from the real world you are all sitting in right now,” he said. “Her name is Gwen Poole and she’s found her way into the Marvel Universe.” She doesn’t think the MU is real, but she knows all about it because she’s read about it in — of course — comics. M.O.D.O.K. appears in the pages shown, sporting a mohawk.


David Walker went into the origin of his “Power Man and Iron Fist” series, saying that he got the call from his editor while grocery shopping. “I left my grocery cart there and sat down,” said Walker, wanting to clarify that Power Man meant Luke Cage — and he agreed to do it right there. “It’s the most fun you can have legally while working on this book.” “Nighthawk” will take place in Chicago, and will be the “grittiest book you can imagine,” said Walker. “Remember when Nick’s ‘Captain America: Sam Wilson’ came out and Fox [news] flipped out? I want that times ten,” said Walker. “My favorite editorial note from Katie so far was that we couldn’t have bones sticking out of a body.”

Walker spoke about writing the “Deadpool” crossover, saying it’s “hilarious and really fun. I’m the new guy at Marvel, and it’s kinda like a cross between working at the CIA and MI6. It’s like what you need to know. I’ll ask a question if I can use a character and I’ll get told nope, and no reason why. This is the first time I’ve been on the inside. ‘Oh, this is how it happens!'”

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