Monsters Are Such Interesting People: Anguish


AnguishAnguish (1987)  A man goes on a killing spree in a movie theater, inspired by the on screen action, which is also a man on a killing spree in a movie theater.  Highly recognizable character actor, Micheal Lerner, plays the on screen killer, who, with his mother, Poltergeist’s Zelda Rubinstein, collect pigeons, snails….AND EYEBALLS!  Lots of echoing repeated phrases and spinning wheels try to drive the viewer insane.  The pre-film disclaimer warns of it!  In the theater are two teenage girls, one of them terrified of the film she’s watching, and convinced there is a killer in the theater.  She’s right!  I was fortunate enough to catch this in a theater once upon a time.  What a surreal experience that was.  Like a painting of a painting of a painting.  It holds up pretty well on a small screen as well.  It helps that eyeball trauma is one of the things that makes me cringe harder than anything; this film is loaded with it.  Watch this movie.  Even if you don’t like it, still watch it.

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