Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Deathgasm


Deathgasm (2015) Brodie is a nerdy metalhead who’s miserable teenage life consists of living with his churchy aunt and uncle (after his mom goes to prison for meth), regularly getting beat up by his jock cousin, and playing Dungeons & Dragons with his not-as-metal-as-he-is friends. Then he meets Zakk, a thrill-seeking metalhead who breaks in to the home of an aging metal legend and steals some sheet music. When they attempt to play it with their newly formed garage band, Deathgasm, the music unleashes a Demon Apocalypse that has them running from bloodthirsty, possessed locals, as well as Illuminati-types who welcome the evil takeover. All this just when the pretty blond who liked Brodie was about to undertake a metal makeover! Gory gut-wrenching fun, in the style of Evil Dead 2 and Dead-Alive, and like the latter, from New Zealand. Two sets of boobs, a prosthetic dong, and dozens of dildos. RECOMMENDED!


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