LOOK! Something Shiny – Resolutions Without the Weight

As the holidays quickly approach, they bring on the end of 2015. As the 2016 approaches millions look at the New Year as a change to better themselves, and make resolutions. The typical New Year’s resolutions have to do with loosing weight, quitting a bad habit, or starting a good one. For me however my resolutions about enjoying the things I love. After five long years of being a student, I’ve graduated, and have a job. This provides me with more free time and free income. I plan to spend both on the geeky things that make me happy. So without further ado, here are my fan-girl resolutions for 2016.


  • Cut my Regina pile in half.

I have a crazy pile as a result of very little free time. I have resolved not to buy another comic book until the pile is under three digits.


  • Attend two local comic shows.

Now that I live in a major city, which is within driving of several other major cities there is a plethora of conventions I can get to this year, I have a lot of great conventions I can get to with ease. There are a few autographs I am desperate to get this year. ( see rest of list)

Nichelle Nichols

  • Get Nichelle Nichols autograph.

I am a huge Star Trek fan, who was raised by a huge Star Trek fan. I love Start Trek in all of its incarnations, the movies, the cartoons, all the shows, but my favorite is the original T.V. show. Uhura is by far my favorite character. My mother and I both share a deep affection for the glamorous, and intelligent Nichelle Nichols. I hope to meet her and get an autograph this year


  • Meet my Batman

The other autograph that is on my list this year is the venerable and hilarious Adam West. I grew up watching him don the tights and although campy as hell he is still my Batman. I hope to get his autograph on some memorabilia this con season.


5.) Pull off a family Cosplay.

My husband and I have happily collected comics for years, and our daughter has finally joined the fold. (one of us! One of us!) When she attended her first con with us last years she showed interest in cosplay. So, this year we are planning to pull something fun off as a family. We’ve got our sewing machine and glue guns ready. Wish us luck.


  • Buy my first page of original art.

My favorite part of con-going is meeting the artists I admire. I have some great sketches and original art, but I’ve never purchased a page. I hope to cross this off my con going bucket list this year. There are a few artists I am hoping to buy from before super stardom hits and their work is way out of my budget.

Well, there you have it, my New Year’s resolutions. What are yours? I decided not th make the same ones I’ve made for years. Would I like lose weight? Sure, but I’d rather have a blast this year than blast fat. There is nothing wrong with self-improvement, but don’t forget to add more fun. This year I resolve to do more of what I love, with the people I love. These goals will make my year more fun and memorable. For once I won’t feel awful if I don’t meet my goals at the end of they year. If I don’t make them all the list guarantees I will have fun trying.


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