Behemoth Concludes with #4 TOMORROW

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Written by Chris Kipiniak, Behemoth features art by J.K. Woodward. Right there are two solid reasons to grab this book. What’s Behemoth?

DIG055464_1._SX360_QL80_TTD_Theresa woke up to find herself changing into a monster. She’s taken from her family and put into an internment camp with other kids going through the same thing. She is given a choice: she can surrender to becoming a mindless beast, or join Behemoth, a pack of creatures trained to kill for the U.S. government. But which choice will make her more of a monster?
If you missed it, check out a preview of Behemoth #1:

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The series concludes tomorrow with the release of book #4.

Behemoth04coverBehemoth #4

Written by: Chris Kipiniak

Art, covers and colors: J.K. Woodward

Lettered by: Jesse Post

The events of last issue have changed Theresa forever, and what’s left of Behemoth still has a mission to complete. But what has she become? And what does she have left?

Issue #4 includes an appearance by our very own Darrell Taylor:

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You can grab this MonkeyBrain title HERE
“A chilling, heartwrenching twist on the ‘good-guy monster’ convention, dripping with pathos, angst, and genuine horror, both graphic and existential.” -Adam Murdough (Comic Geek Speak)

“Startling and unsettling in the best way. Woodward’s art is as fresh and wholly original as the concept itself!” Mitch Gerads(The Activity, Punisher, Sherriff of Babylon)
“Kipiniak and Woodward have constructed a creepy, compelling and ultimately heartbreaking exploration of one woman’s agonizing descent away from humanity. Don’t miss it.” – Scott Tipton(Sherlock Holmes: The 7 Percent Solution, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes:The Primate directive)

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