Monsters Are Such Interesting People: Two New Releases for Streaming



Here’s a pair of mediocre newer titles. I liked one better than the other.

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Kristy (2015) Despite several opportunities to leave, a girl with no personality decides to stay alone on campus during Thanksgiving break. While on a quick run to the store to buy warm Mountain Dew for the campus security guard, some masked killers, also with no personality, follow her back home and attempt to kill her because she is a “Kristy”, which is what the killers call their victims. Follower of Christ, deserves to die, blah blah blah. Some campus employees get killed first, and the Kristy, whose name was Justine, has to woman up and learn to fight back. I thought this might make an interesting holiday take, but I found it dull, though the kill scenes were OK. If you like movies like The Strangers, etc, then this could be for you.

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Last Shift (2014) I had been very much looking forward to this one, and although it didn’t meet my full expectations, it was good enough for a watch, and helped out by a good ending. A rookie cop has the solo task of babysitting a closed down precinct during graveyard shift while waiting for a final Hazmat pickup, when ghosts of past atrocities rear their ugly heads. Like most ghost stories, it starts with doors opening and closing but it’s not too long before bloody walls and hanging bodies are popping up everywhere. A few of the circumstances were a bit hard to swallow, but again, the good ending made it worth a watch. Empty precinct draws an automatic comparison to Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13. The good looking Juliana Harkavy, a Walking Dead alum, played the main cop.



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