No Apologies ep 229 The State of the Union

In this episode  Spike Lee, status of mainstream comics, Star Wars Force Awakens , Amazing spider man 3, Dr Strange 2, Extraordinary X men 1, Uncanny X men 600, Hercules 1, Nova 1,Justice League  Darkseid War Superman, Batman, Star Wars: Shattered Empire, DC comics, Marvel comics and much more.


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No Apologies podcast

2 thoughts on “No Apologies ep 229 The State of the Union

  1. You guys are my favorite podcast. I wish you would put out an episode AT LEAST bi-monthly.

    You guys are the funniest mother f^c*&$ who talk comics. The simultaneous love and hate that comes from the crew about almost every topic gives me a lot of laughs and thoughts of my own.

    I hope you’re all doing well and SOON bring the love/hate about whatever the hell you guys feel like talking about! Even the Hateful Three episodes or when just a few of you can get together to talk smack is really great listening.

    It makes my week whenever I see a new upload of No Apologies.

    You guys give me a lot of joy in my boring life.


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