Nighthawk Returns

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Nighthawk will be making an appearance in Squadron Supreme by James Robinson and Leonard Kirk in December, Next year, you can catch him in a new solo Nighthawk series written by David Walker. No artist has been named for the project yet.  What can you expect from the new book? Walker said in an interview with CBR:

Yeah, part of what I want to play with is this juxtaposition of this role that he has in Squadron Supreme as this billionaire head of a major corporation, but then also looking at how is he capable of playing that role while also looking at what’s going on on the streets of Chicago? So in that regard it’s like, okay, Squadron Supreme can go up against these incredible forces that are working to destroy the world, but how come they can’t save kids on the streets of Chicago where crime is running rampant?

If you look at real life, Chicago is just plagued with crime. It’s got one of the highest murder rates in the country. This is what he needs to tackle and in a lot of super hero books, we see heroes tackling these great big global problems. So the question then becomes if you can save the world from ending, but you can’t save people from getting gunned down in the streets, are you really doing any good?

Stay tuned, kids….



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