Monsters Are Such Interesting People: Swing Batter-Batter: The Baseball Special


BloodGames Blood Games (1990) Babe and the Ballgirls are an all-female sexy baseball team, who travel around on a bus and play exhibition games with locals for money. Some rednecks didn’t take too kindly to getting beat by a buncha girls, so they don’t pay, plus they beat them up and rape them. The girls try to escape in to the woods, but the time comes when they must fight back. Plenty of nudity, and when there’s not nudity, there’s scantily clad bouncing boobs. Lot’s of gunshot wounds too. Lead actress Lara Albert has been working constantly as a stunt person from the 90s until now. Fun stuff

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The Battery (2012) The title refers to the two former baseball players, a pitcher The Batteryand a catcher, roaming the countryside, trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, which is in full swing (pun intended) by the time the movie starts. Their personalities clash, but they do find time to play catch and bat found apples inbetween bashing zombie skulls. Well one of them, at least, the pitcher, Mickey, is a pacifist, which is one of the things they clash over. Ben, the catcher, is played by Jeremy Gardner, who also wrote and directed. Not the most action packed zombie flick you’ll see, and a long, claustrophobic ending, but worth a watch. Beware of an annoying indie rock soundtrack.

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