Monsters Are Such Interesting People: Monkey Business


 After the death this week of British born film director John Guillerman (King Kong ’76 and The Towering Inferno) I thought I’d bring back the review of one of the more entertaining bad movies you’ll find.

 King Kong Lives

King Kong Lives (1986) Little did I (or probably anyone) know that Dino DeLaurentis produced a direct sequel to his 1976 flop remake of King Kong. He even used the same director, who had also done Towering Inferno. This was his last feature of a 30 year career, go figure. After falling from the World Trade Center, King Kong has been lying comatose in a Georgia university medical center. They have manufactured a giant artificial heart for a transplant that they believe will revive the great ape. Though only in her 20s, Linda Hamilton is the world’s leading doctor in giant ape heart transplants, and she won’t allow the operation without a blood transfusion and unfortunately, there is no donor. Enter the Great White Hunter who has captured a Lady Kong (she has tits, I’m not kidding) and he sells her to the university. The operation is a success, and the two Kongs escape and live a romantic existence in the woods. That is until the military tries to track and kill them. So Hamilton and the hunter team up to protect the gorillas. So bad you must see it to believe it. Linda flashes a bare boob for a split second, I rewound it 5 times.

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