Monsters Are Such Interesting People: A Couple Recent Possession Flicks



possession_of_michael_king The Possession of Michael King (2014) A non-believer deals with the recent death of his wife by making a documentary in which he intends to debunk any and all things paranormal, including the summoning of demons. Well, it’s not too long before his behavior changes, putting those around him including his young daughter, in physical danger. At first he thinks he could be losing his mind over the grieving, but you can rest assured there are demonic forces at work here. I’m partial to possession movies anyway, and I caught this one late at night and alone, and I ain’t afraid to say it gave me the creeps. I’ll have to “thumbs up” this one.


Inner DemonsInner Demons (2014) Demonic possession AND drug use? This movie was MADE for me! A teenage churchie gets sent to rehab on an “Intervention” type show for heroin abuse, but we find out later that she uses because it suppresses her devil inside, and now that she’s getting clean, he’s comin out! The cameras follow to the clinic, where her behavior upsets both staff and residents alike. The young cameraman makes a connection and tries to rescue her. I thought this was great, with a wild ending, and the girl was remarkably pretty. I give it my personal endorsement.

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