Review: The Strain

   I should begin by stating that I am 51 years old. I only state this so that it is clear that I have a little experience under my belt. I have seen some things. With that said The story of Dracula or the vampire is an old one, to often over used. It is a quick and easy story  to tell. It is embellished and altered slightly but generally the same story. Blood suckers that prey on humans. They can only exist at night. Silver, crosses and garlic generally make them feel some kind of way. It is a tired and overused genre. Once in a while, though, a unique take on the vampire genre. One such story is Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Lestat” this veered off of the vampire legend and went in a slightly different direction. It kept the basics but took us on a wonderful journey through the imagination of the writer.
FX has come up with a show called “The Strain” this is the story of the “Head” vampire to which all the other vampires are connected. A cast, lead by one old, obsessed yet knowledgeable, human must hunt down the “Head” vampire and cause his destruction…..yada yada yada! Sounds like the same old story we have seen and heard a hundred times, except that this story is slightly different. It is exciting from beginning to end and brings you to the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. It takes on the “End of society” feel and demonstrates the essential human struggle we require in our modern culture, Good vs Evil.
This show is an excellent watch and will keep you entertained from ep 1 to it’s conclusion or season finale. I highly recommend you give it a try if by the middle of the first episode you are not a fan simply submit yourself to the nearest psychological testing facility because you are in need of deep and radical treatment.

Review written by Kim (Simba) Soaries of the Yea I Said It podcast.

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