And the Totally Awesome Hulk Is….

Totally-Awesome-Hulk-03Marvel has revealed the identity of Bruce Banner’s successor in the coming Totally Awesome Hulk. Its’s Amadeus Cho. This book features the creative team of Greg Pak and Frank Cho. Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso talked with Entertainment Weekly and said of the Hulk choice:

As a former Hulk editor, I just felt like…we’ve seen Banner’s story for so long, and the burden that he carries, with the weight of the Hulk on his shoulders. Perhaps the most interesting thing is to see how someone else shoulders that burden, and immediately, Amadeus came to mind for a lot of different reasons. One of them is that physically, he’s like Banner: he’s the 98-pound weakling who’s had everything but the physical aspect to make him seem super cool. And secondarily is that he’s so different from Banner. He shares the monstrous intellect but he’s so different — he’s a teenage kid, who’s hasn’t lived much yet. When Banner inherited the burden of being the Hulk, he was an adult. And I think that it showed in the way that he responded to it. Amadeus is a plucky kid. He’s got a chip on his shoulder, he’s the fifth or sixth smartest guy in the world according to the official rankings, and I think he’s just going to carry himself very differently with that power.

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