Simone Missick cast as the Marvel character Misty Knight

Simone Missick is cast to play the comic book character  Misty Knight in the upcoming “Luke Cage”  netflix show  described as  “a woman with a strong sense of justice.”

Misty Knight is a longstanding comic character created  by Tony Isabella and Arvell Jones, Knight lost her arm in the line of duty as a NYPD police officer, preventing a bomb attack in the process. After resigning from the force rather than take a desk job, she received a bionic arc from Tony Stark and went on to start a detective agency alongside her friend Colleen Wing. The two frequently teamed up with Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s Heroes for Hire, and Knight and Iron Fist even became romantically involved.

Reports suggest that Knight will be part of the the Defenders which will be made up of Luke Cage and Iron Fist .

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