In December Marvel’s “WEIRDWORLD” returns as an ongoing with a new writer and protagonist has announced another entry in its growing “All-New, All-Different” lineup — “Weirdworld” by Sam Humphries and Mike Del Mundo. The series will feature a new protagonist, a 16-year-old girl named Becca, whose hand most likely appears on the “Weirdworld” teaser image.

In an interview Humphries explains the new character change and direction”The main character of this book is Becca, a 16-year old girl from Earth who doesn’t land on Weirdworld, she crashes into it,”  “She’s just a normal girl, who was already in the middle of her own tragic Earthbound quest. Now her quest has become even more difficult; she must find her way home through a place where good and evil are subsumed in a hurricane of madness.”



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