From the Rookie Corner: Fear the Walking Dead

Last night was the premiere of AMC’s new series Fear the Walking Dead created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. The spin-off of the popular series The Walking Dead is a prequel that takes place as the apocalypse is just beginning. For Walking Dead fans, this was an anticipated series to fill the void as we all wait for the next season of TWD to start. So, last night I sat through the end of The Talking Dead…….


Sorry, Chris…. no one cared about that shit last night. We just wanted our show. I did not need a ‘teaser’ for a show that was starting in 9 minutes. Seriously AMC… what WAS that shit? A bit annoying. FINALLY at 9PM, it began. Me, my blankie, some vino and AMC. It was a good thing. First commercial, I hit Twitter. I wanted to see how excited my peeps were!! And what I saw….

Pilot of …should be VERY slow burn start.

They could’ve shown 90 minutes of Rick comatose in the hospital and it would’ve been more interesting than this family.

30 second commercial more entertaining than 90 minutes of Waiting for October 11th

To be honest, I just pulled these random tweets to avoid outing any of my imaginary friends on the Twitters. They are representative of what I saw though… FTWD was ‘slow’ and ‘boring’. Really!?!


OK, ‘Murica… what were you expecting? Legions of walking dead would just stand up one day and start munching on their neighbors? This is the BEGINNING. How it all starts. I know it’s a tv show and fantasy and shit – but let’s be real.

**If you have not watched – stop here. SLIGHT spoilers**

This first episode was setting the groundwork and introducing the characters. I thought using the addicted son as the first character to witness a zombie was brilliant. In a real life scenario, who WOULD believe a junkie ranting about his friends eating people? No one. Bad drugs. Psychotic episode. Whatever. He would get sedated and shipped off to rehab or a psych facility. IF this started with the ‘underbelly’ of society – who would notice the missing addicts? Or homeless? Prostitutes are often targets for crime because it is assumed no one will be tumblr_ljzm5vkQhA1qixleeo1_500looking for them…..same thing. I know, I know….. paying attention is HARD. I thought this episode did a good job of introducing the characters and giving them a slight back story. What was interesting to me was how the characters themselves did not seem to notice what was going on around them. There were a few public scenes (the series takes place in LA) that stood out. Granted, I have never been to LA, but this one stood out in my mind:

venice beach

One of the characters heads to Venice Beach to meet a friend to watch the sunset.  I am a rookie, but to me this scene looks oddly void of people. Nice day. Sunset approaching and there seems to be very few people. Hmm…. She is, of course, more concerned that her friend is a no-show and not answering texts. I was looking for the other people… And I did not see them….(cue creepy music…)

Overall, I liked the first episode. For those of you who thought it was ‘boring’..


just wait. It’s a pretty short season. It’s only six episodes, so even though this first episode was a little quiet, I am thinking shit is going to get crazy REAL fast. BE PATIENT. Kick back. Have a little wine (or whatever) and enjoy. If you missed it , absolutely check it out. If you think you can trust a rookie…


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