Monsters Are Such Interesting People: Nature Strikes Back

Long WeekendLong Weekend (1978) A hateful, bickering, city couple take a weekend camping retreat and hit nature like a steamroller. They drop cigarette butts, chop down trees, run over animals, shoot rifles, and numerous other things that piss off Mother nature, who strikes back as birds, snakes, fish and mammals alike all start to attack these jerks! No sympathetic characters here, just sit back and watch the fun in this minor Aussie classic

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Wild Beasts
Wild Beasts – Belve Feroci (1984) Outrageous Italian animals attack flick. PCP finds its way into the City Zoo’s water supply. Rats are the first to start to chew up citizens, and soon the streets are full of bloodthristy lions and tigers, stampeding elephants and even a bear! Plenty of gore and and a good amount nudity as several of the atackees were in the process of getting it on, this movie delivers the sleazy goods. A great scene with schoolkids in peril at the end, catch this one if you can find it. Director Franco Prosperi was one of the three documentarians who made the all-time cult classic Mono Cane.

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