Marvel Announces Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur is happening. The Marvel book, by Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclare and Natacha Bustos, centers on a “pre-teen super genius named Lunella Lafayette…otherwise known as Moon Girl.” Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy are the creations of Jack Kirby and first appeared in Devil Dinosaur #1 (April 1978). This new character is Inhuman and, according to Montclare:

“There won’t be a hidden easter egg, but Moon-Boy is going to be in it at least for a little bit. And one of the things that comes back in time along with Devil Dinosaur will be these bad boys, these killer folk, these Kirby-created cavemen. We keep the kind of cartoonish-ness of it, but it should be very cool because they’re going to be a legitimate menace living up to their name, but they’re going to have an experience in modern times that changes them.”

Marvel provided the PR to Entertainment Weekly including these images:

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