Your Source For the Force: Princess Leia

Princess Leia

Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Terry Dodson


Picking up right where the movie ends, we are treated to a drawn version of the medal presentation, why was Chewbacca left out of receiving a medal? Anyway this book is the first bit of information following the events of A New Hope.

As the evacuation from Yavin is underway, Leia wants a meeting with General Dodonna to discuss what she can to do next during this pivotal time after the first big blow the Rebellion has dealt the Empire. She asks to help scout the galaxy for a new place to set up the next Rebel base but is shut down by Dodonna who basically tells her you don’t do anything you’re too important as the Empire is hnting down other Alderaaanians for execution. This does not sit well with Leia so she directly disobeys Dodonna . Takes a pilot named Evaan who does not see eye to eye with her, takes a ship and we are off to find what is left of those who are of Alderaan descent.

This book in my opinion is the weakest of the three. With that being said, out of three, someone has to come in third. This book shows promise of an interesting story. Great character interaction between Leia and Evaan, you can feel the dislike she has for the “Frost Blooded “Princess. The art is kind of hit or miss with this issue as if it was rushed on some pages. But if you want the whole story, or are a fan of Leia, this is a must read. But it may not be for the casual fan. I give it 3 out of 5 Stars

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