Heroes Reborn Prequel Available

Looking forward to Heroes Reborn? Now you can watch the digital prequel on the new Heroes Reborn app. The six-episode series is titled Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters. The description from the NBC site is as follows:

The digital prequel HEROES REBORN: DARK MATTERS bridges the gap between the original series and HEROES REBORN, reintroducing viewers to the HEROES universe and unveiling a whole new generation of Heroes.

It’s been five years since the public became aware of the existence of evolved humans or “EVOs” who possess incredible, supernatural abilities. In that time, the public has grown to either fear or revere EVOs. An online community forms around the rallying cry of the anonymous Hero_Truther, who seeks to humanize EVOs in the wake of lies, slander and fearmongering. Among those posting their personal stories is Phoebe Frady (Aislinn Paul), who is encouraged to document her origin story by her brother, Quentin (Henry Zebrowski). But as Phoebe struggles to control her power, she attracts unwanted attention from a mysterious new company.

The coming series is five years after the finale of Heroes. 

Heroes Reborn premieres September 24 on NBC.


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