Dragon Ball Super Promo

Dragon-Ball-SuperAhead of it’s July 5 premiere,Dragon Ball Super has a new promo from Fuji TV. Creator Akira Toriyama is credited with “original story and character concepts for the franchise’s first television series in 18 years. The plot summary is as follows:


“While on Earth after the fierce fight with Majin Buu. Goku has been ordered by Chi Chi to work in agriculture every day while he trains as well. On the other hand, Mr Satan (Hercule) is said to have saved Earth for a second time and has won the World Peace Prize?!”

Check out the promo:

Translation from Anime News Network:

Goku: Hey, I’m Goku.
Goku: Crossing 18 years of time, it’s time to enter a new series!!
Goku: Since our battle with Majin Buu, some really incredible guys have shown up. Their names are God of Destruction Beerus and Shanpa. I guess they’re gods…
Goku: I’m going to fight with Beerus and the others with all my strength, and get even stronger!
Goku: The broadcast for Dragon Ball Super will begin next time.

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