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 Howling II

The Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf (1985) Incredibly stupid sequel to the best werewolf film of all time. So why have I seen it three times? The character of Dee Wallace from the first film has a hick brother, who with a co-worker of Dee’s who also wasn’t in the first movie, travel to the old country with Christopher Lee, after he proves the existence of werewolves to them. Poor Chris sports some new wave attire when he follows some wolves to a punk club. Sybill Danning and Marsha Hunt (who has a baby with Mick Jagger in real life) are wolves who both get very naked. A lot of action in this one, the highlight being a dwarf getting impaled on an iron fence, but very stupid plot and poor acting. Director Phillipe Mora, who would come back with the equally silly Howling 3, did the very cool The Beast Within a few years prior.

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Jaguar Lives (1977) I saw the trailer and it looked cheesy-great. Apparently, Hollywood tried to make a star out of real life martial arts champ, blond hair blue eyed Joe Lewis, and this was it. Joe (Jaguar) is a secret agent type who takes orders from Barbara Bach and has some run-ins with Donald Pleasance and Christopher Lee. A few action sequences were OK, but that fucker couldn’t act, and the non violent scenes were completely boring. I even shifted to the FF option off with about 20 minutes to go, that’s how little I cared. Lewis made 3 more movies over the next 15 years. Avoid, but watch the fun trailer:

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