LOOK! SOMETHING SHINY: Jem and the Holograms Comic

Jem coverFor all of those Jem and Holograms fans out there that are less than enthused by the movie trailer, take heart! There is another way for you to get new truly outrageous stories, with all the big hair, fun, and drama of the cartoon you know and love. IDW is releasing a comic series with all of our beloved characters and few new ones, with a modern twist. This comic book has all the old fun of the cartoon series: the giant Crayola hair, soap style over–top-drama, impromptu music videos, and of course HOLOGRAMS! The story takes place when Jerrica Denton, a dynamic songwriter has horrible stage fright which holds her and her band mates back from success. With a little help from a hologram projecting AI computer and a successful YouTube debut, the band is set for a direct collision course with the our favorite bad girl group, the Misfits.


Some of the best points about this comic are the art, the characters aren’t’ just ethnically diverse, they all look different. Each character has a different body type, height, shape, nose and so on. The character design and artwork are beautiful; I give full props to Ross Campbell, and M. Victoria Robado. The aesthetic is homage 80’s with huge colorful hair, but defiantly modern. The art also conveys movement, and excitement well, which makes Jem1the music montage, splash pages beautiful and great for story telling. Perhaps the best thing about this comic is the voices of the characters are authentic. They are all teens to you very young adults and they talk and interact like it. None of the characters of various ethnic backgrounds are stereotypical or annoying and the variety of characters creates an interesting ensemble cast that all readers can connect to. Extra props to the writers Kelly Thompson and Ross Campbell for creating a plus sized character that owns her sexy and isn’t comedic relief. Stormer is awesome! Issue # 4 is currently on stands, if you’re worried about jumping on don’t be. Each issue comes with character intro pages, and a “previously” page. You also don’t have to be a fan of the cartoon to love this comic, and it appeals to all ages. My preteen daughter and I fight over every issue, and that is awesome! Give the book a try, you wont be disappointed.

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