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The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism aka Blood Demon aka Blood of the Virgins aka Castle of the Walking Dead (1967) Those are all some pretty good titles, but Dr Sadism takes the cake! Christopher Lee is Count Regula, who is brutally quartered in the opening scenes for the murder and torture of 12 young women. 35 years later, a man gets an invitation from the Count to meet him at his castle, and he goes despite warnings from the locals. He picks a few passengers on the way, including a pretty young lady. Lots of horrors await them at the castle. Fun and creepy gothic thriller, it was like a cross between Pit and the Pendulum and Black Sunday. In fact it has a “based on” credit for Poe’s P&P.

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Castle of the Living Dead (1964) A traveling circus troupe is invited to Count Drago’s castle for a private performance. Drago (Christopher Lee) is an expert taxidermist, and plans to add humans to his collection. When members start to go missing, the rest, which include a pretty girl and a midget, must find a way to escapee. Donald Sutherland in his first film has a dual role of a dumb cop and an old hag! Good, creepy Italian pic, in Black&White.

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Horror Castle aka The Virgin of Nuremberg (1963) A young wife is convinced that she is seeing women being tortured to death by a disfigured, hooded man in the dungeon of her castle, though her husband and the servants try to convince her it’s all a dream. Christopher Lee plays the husband’s scar-faced friend, who seems to be helping him keep his secret. Strange film in the sense that it uses Gothic settings though it takes place in the present, and often has an out-of-place jazz score. Director Antonio Marhariti has a resume of genre titles a mile long. Italian, dubbed in English, and in color.



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