JK’s Happy Hour: David Walker


In this episode we are joined by writer David Walker who recently did a 6 issue arc on based on the book and popular movie character Shaft published by Dynamite Entertainment. available in print and digitally. David explains how the story came about and the differences between the book version and the movie version of the character. We also delve into how he got into comics along with his transition from indie to mainstream comics with the upcoming DCyou ongoing Cyborg. In addition to being a comic writer he is also a book author. His all ages action adventure   in the Super justice Force series : The Adventures of Darius Logan Book One  which is available on amazon about an ordinary kid living in an extraordinary world of superheroes, and finding the strength within himself to be a better person than he ever imagined possible.To see all of his current projects go to his website http://thedavidwalkersite.com/ and follow him on twitter @DavidWalker1201

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