Red Knight: A Knight Without A Sword Review By Sister Throat Punch

This Primal Paper comic written and created by Justin Cristelli, and features the eye-catching, bold art of JC Grande. Red Knight takes the every man who becomes a super hero story to new heights by positing believable characters in the rather unexpected town of Norfolk, Virginia. With a new drug out that gives average people super powers being used by the baddies, the Red Knight must fight the good fight despite the fact that he is now branded an illegal vigilante. Almost just as compelling as his struggles and his day job as bar owner is the unraveling mystery of how he obtained and honed his super powers emerges from the undercover detective who forms a secret alliance with Norfolk’s, now notorious, masked crime fighter.

Red Knight

Todd McClain grew up in a world of super heroes wishing to be one of them. After surviving a terrible trauma, he finally got his chance. However, the world had changed as well. Nowadays, super heroes need a license in order to be a hero. Red Knight’s first adventure turns into chaos when he and his sidekicks crash a drug deal that turns out to be a police sting. 


Created and written by Justin Cristelli

Art by J C Grande

In a little sit down with writer Justin Cristelli, we discussed his influences:

What was the reason for using the particular location as opposed to a more metropolitan area?

I choose Norfolk for the same reason Marvel choose NY as the home base for most of their titles. I know this place. Norfolk has an interesting history and isn’t a likely setting for a super hero comic, so it came natural.

Who are your comic ‘role models’?

Peter David, Neil Gaiman, Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Frank Miller, John Byrne were big influences on me.

How did you get into writing?

I’ve liked writing since my teens. I wrote a play for school and haven’t stopped.

What – if any – was the inspiration for the book?

Red Knight started out as a mix of what I loved about Spider-man and Batman. Soon, he started to take on his own personality. There’s a lot of me in him and his stories are often influenced by real news stories. I’m bored by creators trying to reinvent the same stories over and over again.

Sister Throat Punch and Darrell Taylor discussed the book on Episode 8: INDIE-PEDENCE DAY. Give it a listen.You can grab your copies from Primal Paper HERE and check out the Facebook page! 

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