Do You Wanna DIE?!?! (contest….)

Would you like to die horribly?! You know you do. On paper, at least…. Well, now is your CHANCE!! Check this out:

Behemoth gives you the chance to see yourself, “Mercilessly killed.”

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The creators of Behemoth are running a contest for fans who want to get drawn into a comic book. The series, co-created by writer Chris Kipiniak and artist JK Woodward and published by MonkeyBrain Comics, follows Theresa, a young girl who’s turning into a monster and is forced to become part of a squad of creatures being trained to kill for the government. Contest winners will get drawn into the comic as victims of monster-action. Here’s the info on the contest, including a sample entry from co-creator Chris Kipiniak:

“BEHEMOTH fans! We are gearing up for production of issue 4 and, you know what? We need faces! We’re holding a contest, and the prize is a drawing of you getting mercilessly killed in the story!

All you have to do is send us a picture of you, holding up your tablet or phone or computer, showing a story page from Behemoth issue 2, while making your best, ‘I’m dying in a really, really, REALLY painful way!’ face.

We’ll pick 5 winners:

2 Third Place winners will be featured together on a splash page, dying horribly
2 Second Place winners will be part of an action scene, which ends with them dying horribly
1 First Place winner will be in an action scene, get to put up a bit of a fight, even doing some damage, before dying horribly.

And we’ll share some of the other entries on the fan page!

You can send your entries to us at Please include your name, contact information, and let us know that it’s okay for us to use your likeness.

We’ll be taking entries through 6/21. Looking forward to seeing what you got!”

If you missed it, check out a preview of Behemoth #1

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