Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Let Sleeping Corpses Lie



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Let Sleeping Corpses Lie aka The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue aka Don’t Open the Window (1974) Whatever you call it, Jorge Grau’s Italian zombie classic is a goddamn masterpiece. A biker and a pretty red-headed nerd girl become accidental partners when they witness some brutal murders and an asshole cop won’t let them leave. It would appear that a government agency is using supersonic wavelengths for pest control purposes is also having an effect on the recently deceased…as in re-animating them and giving them a taste for human flesh! Some classic politically incorrect dialogue occurs when the jerk-cop accuses our anti-hero of having “long hair and faggot clothes…” Anyway, gory, and at the very forefront of the cinematic zombie revolution (besides NOTLD) I give this a top recommendation.



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