Monsters Are Such Interesting People: Friday the 13th: 9 & 10


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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) Jason is blown to bits, but the coroner inexplicably eats his still-beating heart and carries on the killing, passing it on to a new body when the old one is destroyed. Steven Willams (X-Files, 21 Jump Street) plays a sadistic bounty hunter who seems to somehow know the supernatural patterns of Jason’s behavior. A TV host tricks a female Jason descendant in an attempt at ratings, and an ex-boyfriend tries to protect her, despite being a wrongfully-accused killer. Pretty bad movie, but still a little fun, somehow.

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Jason X (2001) Jason Voorhees, now imprisoned in a study lab, escapes, kills nearly everyone and is cryogenically frozen along with a pretty doctor who was about a split second from death herself. Fast-forward over 400 years in the future, a spaceship salvages the two frozen bodies and transports them to Earth 2 (1 is no longer inhabitable) but manage to unfreeze the bodies on the way and the carnage continues. Arguably the best kill in the series occurs here where Jason sticks a girl’s head in a sink of liquid nitrogen then smashes it like a bloody ice cube. Jason also fights a sexy cyborg and a team of space commandos, and gives a brutal sleeping bag beating to promiscuous teens in a hologram. Lexa Doig is one of the more memorable final girls, and this entry was one of the more entertaining entries in the bunch.

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