Double Page Spread ep 114- Gene Ha and Onrie Kompan

Gene Ha is one of the most thorough, detailed and good natured artists working in comics today. Known for his DC work such as “The Shade” and “Project: Superman” as well as Alan Moore’s “Top Ten”, it’s time for him to step into his own creator owned fantasy. Which is exactly what he’s doing with “Mae”, a young adult, female driven story about friendship and sisterhood and strange creatures with Czech names. He and Wendi talk about this new project, how to run a successful kickstarter and the appeal of smart brunettes!
MaePrevu_P05 MaePrevu_P09-10_InsideBackCvr-Edited-636x310
Check out the kickstarter for Mae right here-
Onrie Kompan is an international storyteller who has earned acclaim in Korea for his comic, Yi Soon Shin, detailing the daring exploits of a brave Korean Naval Commander. His gritty historical epic is perfect for those who like bloodshed and dark adventure. He and Wendi discuss the delicate balance of vulnerability in female characters and how to craft a successful sales pitch at conventions.
Check out the kickstarter for Yi Soon Shin right here-

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