Look Something Shiny – Sand in My Regina

IMG_3400If you are a comic book collector, and you do not have one of these, you are either A: a liar, or B: never leave reading pile. You know what I am talking about, the thing that all geeks have and don’t know what to do with, the mysterious, the dreaded Regina pile. For those not familiar with the term, a “Regina Pile” is a term or endearment for the backlog of comics and trades you but, and put away until you “have time” to read them. However, if you are anything like me, between, job, family, and well life, by the time you “have time” to read, your Regina is huge and unmanageable!

I am a prolific reader. Normally, I consume books by dozens, and usually every bookstore employee, LCS owner, and librarian within 10 miles knows me by name. However, the last four years of my life I’ve been a full-time student on top of my other responsibilities. This is how my Regina went from normal to monstrous proportions. Like most comic book lovers and lifetime collectors, I hate being out of touch with the characters I love so I continued to buy my staples. Teaming with optimism I stowed them away for mystical day between theses, case studies, and presentations will no longer dominate my time. Four years later, my regina could bury a man alive.

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But that is just the physical copies. Lets talk about digital reginas! Two years ago my husband, for fear of being crushed under Marvel crossovers in his sleep, bought me an iPad. His theory was if my regina was digital, at least it would no longer be a tripping hazard. Little did he know that would exacerbate the problem! Half a dozen apps and a few dozen 99¢ sales later, my digital regina dwarfs my still growing physical one. Another way the iPad has added to my digital pile is geek TV . Thanks to Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Now, I also have months of super hero shows to catch up on as well.


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