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5 Deadly Venoms

Five Deadly Venoms (1978) Here’s a Kung Fu flick from the Shaw Brothers that has it all. Five students trained at the “Poison Clan” over the years with masks, each with their own unique style, and each keeps their identity a secret. The first two students are the Centipede has lightning fast quickness, as if has 100 hands, and the Snake, who strikes with deadly precision. The third is the deadly Scorpion, and the fourth and fifth are The Lizard, who can walk on walls, and the Toad, who is practically impervious to pain. When the teacher is near death, he sends a young student, who he trained in all 5 styles, but none of them long enough to be a master, to find all 5 students and find who is using their skills for good or for evil, then align himself with the good one(s) and flush out the bad ones. Make sense? No? Who cares, it was pretty amazing. Several one on one fights between the students and their different styles, as the younger student manages to flush them out. Lots of blood and death and action. Not a single lady, if I’m not mistaken. I’m not a genre expert by any means, but this one was a barrel of monkeys. Recommended.

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