From the Rookie Corner: iZombie – the Book

izombie comicSo, iZombie was on the long list I have of ‘books to read.’ It’s a list that seems to be constantly growing. There are so many characters and books I have never read. Podcasts are always getting me to grab something ‘new-to-me.’ The new CW iZombie series reminded me that I needed to grab that title. ComiXology had a sale and that cemented the deal. I bought Vol 1-4 written by Chris Roberson with art by and got down to business. I loved that the books and the series were not the same so even though I had started watching the series, the books felt new. In typical Amy fashion, I digested all four volumes pretty fast. When I finished, I felt…… disappointed. Maybe it was because I am enjoying the TV series? I totally bought all the supernatural stuff. OK, most. OK, at the end it felt like they were trying to hard. It’s a zombie book, so there is obviously going to be some crazy stuff. Zombies? Cool. Were-terrier? Sure. Ghosts? Obviously….. Vampire? Naturally. All good. Then…. things just fell apart. I felt like book ‘pulled a Lost.’ Here I am, reading and loving a book, and BAM – it’s over. Just a total blah ending. What HAPPENED? Chris. Seriously – what happened? Did you get sick of writing it? Was in ‘cancelled?’ Was this how the ending was PLANNED? I think if I had been reading this when it originally came out and I was waiting a month for the next book, I probably would have been a little more pissy. Now, I am just disappointed. At least I got it on sale….

izombiePS – I still say check out the show.

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