Monsters Are Such Interesting People: F13: Enter Kane Hodder



Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood (1987) Teenage Tina returns to the lake f13house where her telekinetic powers might have been responsible for her abusive father’s death 10 years earlier. Some partying teens are staying at the place next door, what else is new? Terry Kiser (the stiff from Weekend at Bernie’s) plays a villainous psychiatrist, trying to exploit Tina’s repressed powers. What the powers manage to do when they are unleashed, is released Jason Vorhees form the watery grave he had been stuck in for the last several years. Now wet and slimy, the role of man in the hockey mask was played by humongous, veteran stunt actor Kane Hodder for the first of four appearances, pretty much making him the most identifiable Jason of them all. The nudity, which was missing on part 6 returns in this one, including Elizabeth Kaitan from Silent Night Deadly Night 2 and the Vice Academy series. Jason tears through the supporting cast setting up a showdown with Tina, making a highly entertaining “Jason vs Carrie” finale. This entry also features the popular gag where Jason slams a sleeping bag against a tree. Director John Carl Buechler also did the first Troll movie, as well as special effects on dozens of horror movies.

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Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) A small graduating class f13dgets to take a boat trip to Manhattan, and our buddy Jason hitches a ride, killing most before chasing the survivors through the streets of New York. Familiar faces include Peter Mark Richman who has over 100 (mostly TV) credits as a mean older guy, and the hot Kelly Hu as one of the teenage boat victims. Once they get to New York, Jason, for the most part, ignores the locals and stalks only his former prey from the boat, which seems like a missed opportunity. A street gang of punk rockers listening to hip-hop on a ghetto blaster encounter Jason, and are allowed to run away safely. Come on, they should be killed for being posers! This is hands down the worst film in the series, if you had to skip one, this would be it.


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