“Action Comics” (Written by Greg Pak Art by Aaron Kuder)
“Convergence: Superboy” #2

Low on power, Superman battles mysterious assailants – Shadow Ninjas – as he tries to reach his Fortress of Solitude.

“Aquaman” (Written by Cullen Bunn with Art by Trevor McCarthy)
“Convergence: Suicide Squad” #2

Aquaman is mysteriously on the run from Atlantis. His main tormentor: his former consort Mera. This prequel introduces new characters that Mera has tasked to hunt down the Sea King.

“Bat-Mite” (Written by Dan Jurgens with Art by Corin Howell)
“Convergence: Supergirl: Matrix” #2

The Dark Knight has a new partner — whether he wants one or not! Bat-Mite arrives at the scene of a Gotham robbery with the goal of helping Batman be a better crime fighter and spreading his “sound advice” all over the DC Universe.

“Bizarro” (Written by Heath Corson with Art by Gustavo Duarte)
“Convergence: Superman: Man of Steel” #2

Introducing the hero no one wants! And Jimmy Olsen’s assignment is to help get him out of Metropolis and into Bizarro America A.K.A. Canada!

“Deathstroke” (Written by Tony Daniel with Art by Tony Daniel)
“Convergence: Batman: Shadow of the Bat” #2

Slade Wilson reflects on his recent family troubles as he is drawn into another family’s conflict — the Gods of Olympus!

“Dr. Fate” (Written by Paul Levitz with Art by Sonny Liew)
“Convergence: Aquaman” #2

Twenty-something Egyptian-American med student Khalid “Kent” Nassor becomes the newest wearer of the helmet of Fate.

“Gotham By Midnight” (Written by Ray Fawkes with Art by Juan Ferreyra)
“Convergence: Catwoman” #2

It’s an all-new Gotham, but Batman still needs the help of the Midnight Shift. A typical assignment comes through.

“Green Lantern: The Lost Army” (Written by Cullen Bunn with Art by Jesus Saiz)
“Convergence: Green Arrow” #2

On a planet more alien than they can begin to imagine, John Stewart and a small group of Green Lanterns encounter new life, new dangers, and a mission of survival unlike anyone’s faced before!

“Justice League 3001” (Written by Keith Giffen with Art by Howard Porter)
“Convergence: Justice League International” #2

It’s one year later for the Justice League. Superman and Teri, aka the Flash, are finally having their first date – it’s a good thing Batman and Ariel decided to tag along. What could possibly go wrong? Maybe the appearance of a sexy new female Leaguer named – wait a minute, this can’t be right – GUY GARDNER?!

“Lobo” (Written by Cullen Bunn with Art by Cliff Richards)
“Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax” #2

The intergalactic hit man fulfills one contract, while taking a new one that could be the death of him.

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