Monsters Are Such Interesting People: Wer

WERWer (2013) A vacationing family in France is slaughtered by what appears to be a wild animal, but one of the victims calls it a man on her death bed, leading police to arrest a large, hairy man and charge him with the murders. Kate is a bilingual defense attorney who picks up the case, which appears to be a slam dunk, as the wounds were obviously made by an animal, and her client suffers from a rare genetic disease which renders his bones too weak to have committed such an act. The disease also makes him extremely hairy. Her defense team eventually comes up with a clue or two that suggest the accused has some werewolf-like tendencies. After a slow paced first half of the movie, it explodes into a frenzy of action in the second half. From William Brent Bell, the director of Devil Inside, this is one of the top werewolf movies I’ve ever seen, and will positively bring it back for multiple viewings. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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