Monsters Are Such Interesting People – The Wraith



the wraith posterThe Wraith (1986) Charlie Sheen plays the new kid in an Arizona desert town, and has his eyes set on Sherilyn Fenn. She is property of Nick Cassevetes, who is suspected of murdering her last boyfriend with the help of his car-stealing gang that includes whiz-mechanic Clint Howard and a couple of paint-huffing punk rockers, to name a few. Never for these constant crimes they commit are they wanted by the law, nor are any kid’s parents ever present, but when a mysterious ghost-car appears and starts running the gang members to an early grave to the sounds of Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Idol, Sherriff Randy Quaid offers them protection…which of course they don’t want. Sherilyn, tan and blondish unlike her Twin Peaks days, spends a lot of time in a bikini, and offers up some brief nudity as well. This teenage 80s version of High Plains Drifter was directed by Mike Marvin, the same guy who directed Hamburger: The Motion Picture, and wrote Hot Dog: The Movie. I’m still waiting for Ham Sandwich: The Film.

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