This Saturday my family and I attended the Indiana Comicon. A great time was had by all. This is only the second year of the show but there were some big name, geeky celebs present like: Carrie Fisher, Jason Mamoa, Jenna Coleman, Rory McCann and even Page O ‘Hara and Linda Larkin for the Disney lovers. I would say this a smedium or smallish medium. You could walk the floor in a couple of hours, without getting trampled, ( as long as you avoided the Carrie Fisher and Jason Mamoa lines). There was also great comic talent on deck like: While Portacio, Jim Steranko, Denny O’ Ethan Van Sciver, Mark Waid, Allen Bellman, Greg Land, Adam Polina, Jae Lee, Joe Jusko, and many more.

It’s a show that plays to all the geeky tastes, my daughter was able to see some amazing cosplayer of all ages and genres. My husband who is a total collector, got to do some dollar bin diving and get glittered by Carrie Fisher, while getting her autograph, and I got to hang out in the small but friendly artist alley, which is my favorite part of con going. As long as you were polite, all the creators were happy to chat with you for a moment even if you didn’t purchase anything. Allen Bellman had the best stories, about Stan Lee, those alone were worth the price of his signature and then some.
My entire family had fun and we spent about 11 hours and 150$. You can’t say that about most comic conventions. But at this con there is something for every price range. While there were a few downfalls, I don’t think they were prepared for the size of the crowd this year. I would recommend the Indianan Comicon to anyone in the area. I It’s a great local show, for all ages with something for all corners of fandom. The crowd is not too intense and there is a little bit of everything, panels, contest, geeky speed dating, celebrities and more. So far this was the best anniversary our family has had!

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