LOOK! SOMETHING SHINY! Lady Killer : Posed to Thrill

A list of my favorite things:

1) Comic Books

2) Dark slightly off kilter comedy

3) 50’s and 60’s Hollywood glamour

4.) Beautiful art

5.) Female comic creator kicking ass!


Sometimes the comic book gods smile upon me and bring these things together in one amazing amalgamation of awesome. Lady Killer is definitely one of these amalgamations. This book features art and story by the amazingly talented Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich, with colors by the equally fantastic Laura Allred.

LDYKLR_1_WM-2The book follows the life of Josie Schuller, a beautiful homemaker with a family swiped right of an episode of Father Knows Best, with a dashing husband, two adorable toe headed twins and ” Mama” from the old country. The art alone is a feast for the eyes, Jones and Allred do a masterful job of meticulously depicting the era, from clothes, appliances cabinets, to cars.

Lady KillerThe basic premise is that Josie is a typical late fifties early sixties housewife has a double life as an assassin. Of course hijinks ensue with hilarious juxtaposition of beautiful circle skirts and brutal murders by hammer claw. I won’t say much more detail for spoilers sake, I really hope you pick up this comic. If for nothing else than Joëlle’s powerhouse pencils, the book is just gorgeous. Also at just five issues it is not a long term commitment of your wallet. The series is currently on issue #3 of 5 issues and is published by Dark House. I’m currently reading it on the app, but I plan to get the trade as well. As I said this book is all of my favorite things, Heck Lady Killer gets an Earth Kitt look a like nemesis I’ll explode. If you’re a fan of classic James Bond, or The Donna Reed Show, or hell just plan damn good comics. Give Lady Killer a try.

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