Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin


Marvel’s Daredevil comes to Netflix on in April. Today, USA Today gave us a look at Vincent D’Onofrio in his role as Wilson Fisk. The late Michael Clarke Duncan played the Kingpin in the WILDLY popular Daredevil movie.  In prepping for the role, D’Onofrio shaved his head, added about 30 pounds and studied the comic books. Of his portrayal of the character, he said:

“I just brought in this kind of character who in one sentence could easily go from being a child to a monster, depending on where his emotions take him.”

kingpin 2

Executive producer Steven DeKnight said of D’Onofrio:

“He had a passion and an understanding of what we were trying to do, of making it a very grounded, gritty, realistic show. Here is an actor who’s really thinking about it on not only a character depth but a visual depth that I really loved.”

Mark your calendars – April 10 you can watch the 13 episode series. Stay tuned, kids….

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