Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Hammer Dracula Part 3: London Mod




Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972) Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing reprise their roles of Count Dracula and Professor Van Helsing respectively. The film starts with them battling to death on a runaway carriage and sees the Count take a broken wagon wheel to the heart. 100 years later, a swinging group of young and good looking London Mods, led by Johhny Alucard, revive him. Stephanie Beacham and her impressive rack plays Jessica Van Helsing, the object of Dracula’s revenge, and that she lives with her grandfather (Cushing), a doppelganger for the original professor, is an added bonus! Marsha Hunt (Mick Jagger’s girlfriend) plays one of the victims, and so does Caroline Munro, the best of the Hammer babes, in my opinion. A bad rock band that plays a few songs in the beginning and a modern score puts a time-stamp on the movie, but I suppose that was the intention. Not particularly great, but still good fun.

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The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973) Christopher Lee plays Count Dracula for the 6th and final time for Hammer Films, and Peter Cushing joins him as the grandson of Professor Van Helsing in this direct sequel to Dracula AD 1972. Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous) replaces Stephanie Beachum as Jessica Van Helsing. Scotland Yard investigators uncover ritual sacrifice and dungeons full of half-naked women in chains and with the help of the Van Helsings, find that it leads to Dracula himself, in the disguise of a millionaire businessman. It takes quite a while for Drac to make an appearance in this one, but there’s a good bit of nudity to keep you distracted until he does. Decent wrap of a 15 year series of films, though Cushing would appear one more time as Van Helsing in Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires.

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