The 49th Key – A New Story by Erika Lewis With Art By J.K. Woodward and Ken Meyer Jr.

Heavy Metal is launching the new story!  From Erika Lewis and artists J.K. Woodward and Ken Meyer Jr. comes The 49th Key. Below is a description:


It is said that in sixteenth century England, forty-eight keys were passed between worlds, containing messages of community, compassion and forgiveness, with the firm belief these messages had been spoken by angels, praying for humanity to evolve into something more benevolent and just. Lifetimes later, there are still rumors of a final message, foretold to open the gates of wisdom and understanding…

In the present day, when a new administrator at an expensive private school threatens to send away a lost, orphaned boy believed to be autistic and mute, his doctor turns to the only person she can find with a connection to the boy.

This leads the three of them on a dangerous journey through England to bring him home. Along the way, they discover is that this boy is The Forty-Ninth Key, the very key to open the doorway between our world and Enochia.

From Bleeding Cool, we have a preview featuring the art of J.K. Woodward:

49th Key49thb49thc

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