Review: Star Wars #2


Star Wars #2: A review by Glen Clark

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: John Cassaday

Colorist: Laura Martin

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review on Star Wars number 1 and gave it a 5 out of 5 stars, can issue 2 follow suit? Or will it fall to the sophomore slump? Once again, I will tread lightly on spoilers. However, I will assume that you have already read Issue 1.


                  The first confrontation of Luke and Vader did not take place in “The Empire Strikes Back”, but mere weeks after The Death Star is destroyed at the battle of Yavin. I will admit, this cliff hanger at the end of issue 1 was the perfect hook to get readers to come back for issue 2. A battle between the two does engage, the outcome is as you expect it would be, and an interesting revelation is brought forth .   If you were disappointed with the lack of action in Issue 1, this issue has you covered. In fact it is 20 pages of all-out war. The only character development is a short hint of the love hate relationship between Han and Leia that brought a smile to my face.

This issue was a very fast read, Too fast for me. While I did enjoy the book, I felt like the story was over before it even began. The art was once again incredible; Cassaday’s attention to detail in the destruction of everything around them was a great added touch. There was also an incredible quarter panel of a shaded Vader missing his mask which I could not help stare at for a couple of minutes. Overall a good second issue, but nowhere near the perfection of Issue 1. 3.75 out of 5 stars.


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