Fire & Axe Hits Game Stores in May

IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games announced today that Fire & Axe will land in game stores this May. Fire & Axe pits players as Viking warriors, racing to pillage, plunder, and conquer their way across Europe in an effort to

bring glory to their clans. Fire & Axe has long been out of print, and has developed a cult-like status in the marketplace, this new edition features updated art and more than 90 brand-new sculpted miniatures, including exclusive minis that will only be available by pre-ordering this title.

Fire & Axe has long been a grail game for serious gamers,” said Molly Wardlaw of Pandasaurus Games. “We’re overjoyed to be giving it new life. Get ready for phenomenal new art, which fans are already raving about.  From the scintillating box art to gorgeous card designs, to jaw dropping minis, we’ve carefully updated every aspect of the design of this classic hit—to make for something even better.”

Fire & Axe seats three to five players, and is playable in roughly 90 minutes. Each round players take a turn that consists of seven in-game days to load their ships and send them out to trade with or conquer Europe. There is also a unique mission system that gives all players a chance to complete tasks on mission cards, which when completed, awards bonuses that can tip the scales of battle. Exclusive to pre-ordering customers and game stores, players will be given three different viking miniatures with which to do their raiding and settling.

Set sails to your Friendly Local Game Store to pre-order Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga and while you wait for the game to finish its voyage to our shores, visit and “like” and follow @idwgames for more updates and spoilers.

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