Monsters Are Such Interesting People – Moontrap


moontrap1Moontrap (1989) Walter Koenig and Bruce Campbell are astronauts who find an odd football shaped moontrap2device, as well as a decomposed corpse they estimate as 14,000 years old. while orbiting near the moon. They bring it back to Earth, where it opens up and merges itself with whatever metallic objects it can find, as well as discarded human body parts, and morphs into a 15 foot tall, laser shooting killbot! NASA sends them back to find more…sure, two guys with minimal fire power should be able to subdue an army of kilbots on the moon. They do find more, as well as ancient moon base, and a fourteen-thousand year old moontrap3space-babe who was in stasis. She takes her clothes off. So does another girl at a strip club back on Earth. Good, campy fun. A sequel is in the works after 25 years. The original is available in its entirety on Youtube.

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