Character Spotlight – Moon Knight

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– by No Apologies co-host Rafael Sanz

For our first character Spotlight I have selected Marvel comic character Moon Knight.
werewolf by nightCreated by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, Moon Knight first appeared in Werewolf by Night #32. The character gained a loyal fan base because of his awesome costume.
In the 1980s he had a very popular solo series that feature amazing Bill Sienkiewick art.
He also had a long running 1980s series that ended with the introduction of out of this world Stephen Platt art. Moon Knight would not be seen for much of the late 90s but in the early 2000s novelist Charles Huston and David Finch would bring him back with a book that was a top ten selling comic. When that book ended the was a short-lived Vengeance of Moon Knight series and a short-lived Brian Michael Bendis series.  Neither really caught on. Recently, Warren Ellis’ relaunch Moon Knight to critical fan fare.

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Moon Knight is a really cool character when done right . A very complex character he’s so much more than a Batman rip off.  Marvel studios has hinted at a possible Netflix show or even a movie.

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