BBC and Netflix Still Friends

Following reports that some of our favorite BBC shows would no longer be available, there has been some clarification. BBC and Netflix are still friends. Many shows will remain available. After February 1, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, MI-5 and Red Dwarf will no longer be available.

Here’s a list of BBC series staying on Netflix’s service:

Classic “Doctor Who”

“Doctor Who” seasons 1 through 7

“Copper” seasons 1 and 2

“House of Cards” trilogy

“Keeping Up Appearances” season 1

“Luther” seasons 1 through 3

“Monarch of the Glen” seasons 1 through 6

“North & South”

“Robin Hood” seasons 1 through 3

“The Buccaneers”

“The Office” U.K. seasons 1 and 2

“Top Gear” seasons 17 though 20

“Torchwood” seasons 1 through 4

“Wallander” seasons 1 through 3

The deal in question did not involve series not up for renewal such as Sherlock, Happy Valley, The Honorable Woman or Call the Midwife which will remain on Netflix.



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