JK’s Happy Hour: Gabriel Hardman / Corinna Bechko


As we ring in 2015 we discuss the IDW acquiring Top Shelf news as well as the new upcoming books announced at the latest Image Expo. In this weeks comics we put the spotlight on the comic work of  Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Chapter 16-18

“Dig for Fire” part 1 of 3! Wonder Woman accepts a covert mission from Queen Hippolyta: infiltrate Apokolips, find a group of Amazons imprisoned there by Darkseid, and bring them home alive.

SAVAGE HULK (2014) #6-7

HULK VS DOCTOR STRANGE! • An inter-dimensional race against oncoming ARMAGEDDON!!! • Will HULK destroy an entire city to get revenge on DOCTOR STRANGE?



Something terrible has happened to the Bay Area. A pipeline explosion has totaled Treasure Island and destroyed the Bay Bridge. At least, that’s the official story . . .

An interdimensional monster has been brought to San Francisco, and only the men responsible can fight it off, but can they resist its brainwashing? From the pages of Dark Horse Presents!



(W) Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko (A/CA) Gabriel Hardman
Breaking Bad meets Blade Runner.
Arthur McBride’s planetary regime has fallen. His story is over. That is until reporter Croger Babb discovers the journal of Arthur’s cousin, Maia. Inside is the violent, audacious hidden history of the legendary freedom fighter. Erased from the official record, Maia alone knows how dangerous her cousin really is…


Item Code: JAN150568
In Shops: 3/18/2015











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