No Apologies Top Ten of 2014

unnamed (2)

Gil Colon:

1. Joining NA podcast
2. Spider verse arc
3. Ms. Marvel
4. Southern Bastards
5. Walking Dead TV
6 Flash/Arrow TV
7. Grayson
8. She hulk
9 Cap 3/ Gaurdians of the galaxy.
10. Star wars trailer



1.Amazing Spider-man 2

2.X-Men days of future past

3.Edge of Tomorrow

4.The Equalizer

5.Captain America Winter Soldier

6.Third Person

7.A Walk Among the Tombstone

8.Transformers Age of Extinction

9.22 Jump Street


Comic Books

1.The Amazing Spiderman

2.Edge of Spider-Verse

3. Thief of Thieves

4. Sex criminals


6.All New Xmen

7.Uncanny Avengers



10.Superior Iron Man



2.The Affair

3.Greys Anatomy



6.The Knick

7.Person of Interest,



10.Hawaii five 0

Chris Campbell:

Here it is! No particular order:

1. Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier
2. Grayson (DC)
3. Kelley Jones Artist Edition from Graphitti
4. Batman and Robin (DC)
5. Harbinger (Valiant) by Josh Dysart
6. Flash/Arrow 2-part Crossover Event
7. Copperhead (Image) by Faerber & Godlewski
8. Guardians 3000 (Marvel)
9. TMNT ongoing series (IDW)
10. Quantum and Woody Omnibus (Valiant)

Darrell Taylor:

Favorite publisher- Valiant

Favorite comic tv show – The Flash
Favorite cable show   – The Affair
Favorite Comic – Batman Eternal
Favorite indie film- Birdman
Favorite indie comic- The Fuse
Favorite comic film- Winter Soldier
Favorite  new tv show- Blackish
Favorite tv show – Sons of Anarchy
Favorite event – Spider verse


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