Arts and Crap Top 10 of 2014



Chris Kipiniak:

1. Under The Skin – I always appreciate ambition in storytelling and unconventional pacing. This movie had both, executed remarkably, and with a great performance by ScarJo.

2. Multiversity – Grant Morrison is just an idea machine and, unlike many writers who do high-concept, he can do it well so that there is still things like dialogue, character, action . . . The best event comic since . .. . well, since Seven Soldiers.

3. Babadook – What a great film. And it’s horror in the Rod Serling tradition – a scary story springing from deep truth. AND it had the kind of hero/main character not often seen. AND it was a female writer/director, bringing a voice and perspective sorely needed to horror.

4. Serial – True crime, exceptional journalism and the most ambitious and unique use of the podcast form since my former podcast (which was a podcast about podcast ergo meta . . . ).

5. Dear White People – Just a really insightful and complicated ensemble piece. Not as funny as the word “comedy” led me to believe, but way more thought provoking and complicated than the word implies.

6. Too Many Cooks – I forgot how amazing Adult Swim is. Funny and weird don’t begin to describe this.

7. Gotham – The Flash is more polished and more conventionally enjoyable, but Gotham is so bloated, melodramatic and full of spiky parts that stick out and gouge your eye. The good episodes are really cool (the Sionis-Fight Club), and the bad ones are glorious for hate-watching. The guy who plays Alfred is good enough to make you forgive the choice of having baby bruse. And Jada Pinkett Smith steals the whole goddamn thing,

8. Todd: The Ugliest Kid on Earth – This might really be 2013, but who cares. I found it in 2014. Greatest Indy Comic going. And funniest.

9. Grayson – What a beautiful looking book, and so full (in its short run so far) of ambitious story telling and character development.

10. Birdman – The opposite of Dear White People: there I expected comedy and got complicated relationship/personal dynamics. Here I expected something more overtly deep but got the funniest movie of the year, with the best performances of the year, the most ambitious story-telling of the year (Under the Skin was close, though . . . ), and for me, as an actor, it appealed to me very personally.

Darrell Taylor:

Favorite publisher- Valiant

Favorite comic tv show – The Flash
Favorite cable show   – The Affair
Favorite Comic – Batman Eternal
Favorite indie film- Birdman
Favorite indie comic- The Fuse
Favorite comic film- Winter Soldier
Favorite  new tv show- Blackish
Favorite tv show – Sons of Anarchy
Favorite event – Spider verse

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